When a woman says WHAT?

When a woman says WHAT?
Its not because she didn’t hear you.
She’s giving you a chance to change what you said.

The work week

Always give 100% at work.......

12% on Monday
23% on Tuesday
40% on Wednesday
20% on Thursday
5% on Fridays

ten dollars to the teacher.

Two boys were arguing when the teacher entered the room.
The teacher says, "Why are you arguing?

"One boy answers, "We found a ten dollar bill and decided
to give it to whoever tells the biggest lie."

"You should be ashamed of yourselves," said the teacher,
"When I was your age I didn't even know what a lie was."

The boys gave the ten dollars to the teacher.

"Wrong number," replied the girl.

A teenage girl had been talking on the phone
for about half an hour, and then she hung up.

"Wow!," said her father, "That was short.
You usually talk for two hours. What happened?"

"Wrong number," replied the girl.

I have a pain in my eye

The patient says, "Doctor,
I have a pain in my eye whenever I drink tea."

The doctor says,
"Take the spoon out of the cup before you drink."